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Are you Beach Body ready?

‘Oh no not again..... ‘ I hear you sigh….……don’t you just hate it when blogs start like this?

I know I do!

It’s an instant reminder of everything I’ve failed to do since I made my New Year’s resolutions in January.

All those good intentions I had at the start of the year, ‘I’ll lose a stone’, ‘I’ll do more exercise’, the promises I made and the pressure I put on myself.

Now all those good intentions have disappeared into a blur of Bank Holiday weekends and food and drink.

And now I feel miserable, I feel a failure and I’m going to have a miserable summer.

Is all this starting to sound familiar to you?

Well this summer is going to be different and this is why.

I’m telling myself a different story, instead of seeing failure I’m seeing success and here’s how I’m doing it….

I’m being kinder to myself and I’m accepting myself for who I am.

Instead of criticising my body, I’m thanking it for seeing me through some really hard times and some good ones!

I’m being grateful for all the mornings I wake up and it carries me through the day.

I’m focusing on the things I like about my body – my feet – rather than the things I don’t like – my tummy.

I’m going to stop comparing myself to others and to appreciate myself as the wonderful unique human being I am.

Instead of dieting I’m going to eat fresh seasonal summer fruit and vegetables.

I’m going to keep active by taking walks in our lovely surrounding countryside, walking with friends and family too, so making it an even nicer experience.

I’m going to have a fabulous summer and who knows I may even lose that elusive stone, but if not I won’t have failed I’ll have made some lovely memories.

Yes, I am Beach Body ready, I am happy, free and confident in my own body! Are you joining me?

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