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Living a mindful life can help YOU feel this way too.

After 4 appointments I feel much happier, confident and armed with tools to keep me grounded and much calmer. I am seeing day to day life very differently and much easier and simple. It's an amazing feeling. I've learned all the answers to my questions are inside me and now I've learned to trust myself.

Prior to seeing Sarah I was in an extremely anxious state and my self esteem was rock bottom. My life was limited because of the anxiety. Every day tasks were difficult and despite having a really strong marriage I knew my anxious state was impacting on my relationships. I am now feeling much better, I will always be grateful for your help.

When I came to Sarah I was in a mess, I panicked over everything, wasn't sleeping, paranoid, constantly tired and suffering episodes of hyperventilating lasting over a week. During the sessions Sarah was fantastic she listened to me, but challenged me at the same time and  tested the way I thought and felt. It's the best thing I've ever done and has changed me in so many ways for the better.



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