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With You Every Step of the Way

I don't have a magic wand that makes everything disappear. I have something better, something real. Something that not only changes how you feel and think but makes you stronger so you can deal with things easier in the future.

I use a blend of hypnotherapy, counselling and mindfulness to help you change the way you think, feel and behave.

When we work together we do so over 4 weeks so just think in 4 weeks everything in your life can be different.

Each week you have a 1:1 session with me lasting for 90 minutes and in these sessions you learn what anxiety really is and how you are in control of it at all times. You learn how to live your life in a mindful way and you begin to understand you really don't have to struggle.

You might have felt like this for a week, a year  or even a decade. You're not beyond help. Things can get better. I promise.


A Happier, Healthier You


Here For You


Being Human